Connecting to the Virtual Desktop to Access Computer Lab Software

Suppose you require access to a specific academic software title typically available in an on-campus computer lab but may not be unable to access a computer lab. In that case, you can now remotely connect to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from just about anywhere. Through the use of the MyVPN Web Service (, individuals may remotely access Bates Computer Lab Software that otherwise may not readily be available.

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Connecting to a Virtual Desktop

  • Launch a web browser
  • Login with your Bates Username and Password
  • Under the HTML5 Access Sessions, click on MyVDI Shared
  • Your Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Desktop will now load

Disconnecting from a Virtual Desktop

  • Click on the Microsoft Windows 10 Start button
  • Click on your Profile Icon and click on Sign out
  • Click on the Door icon on the top right to Sign out



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Wed 9/22/21 9:18 AM
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