Public Computer Lab Real-time Utilization

We understand that access to computer labs and specialized software is important to your learning experiences. We have created the following resources to provide you with as much information about access to labs as possible. The buttons below will show you the current computers that are available in any computer lab. 

Note: In order to access the Public Computer Lab Real-time Utilization Interface, you must either be on the Bates College campus or connected to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

Windows Computers

Carnegie B21

Coram Library, RM 110

Hathorn Hall, RM 207

Ladd Library, RM 148

Ladd Library, Reference Area

Pettengill Hall, RM 227

Pettengill Hall, RM 329

Mac Computers

Pettigrew Hall, RM 121

Roger Williams Hall, RM 105


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