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What to do when you get an email from your catapult account domain, which says that there is a "potential of reduced SSL coverage". This is not a critical issue, but it also easily fixable.
Location of scanners on campus.
Listing of academic software available to Students, Faculty, & Staff.
Obtaining Microsoft Office for Students, Faculty, and Staff.
How to add a new SmartPhone or Device to your Duo Multi-Factor Authentication account.
Access and Login to Adobe Sign.
Interested in creating a Bates Google Workspace Group that utilizes a email address? Please review the information below regarding student clubs and groups.
This Knowledge Base Article will provide you with the steps for connecting a WiFi-enabled device (Smart TV, Gaming Console, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, etc).
This Knowledge Base Article will provide you with the steps for connecting your computer (macOS or Microsoft Windows) to the hidden Bates WiFi network at the Hampton Inn.
You can now create Meeting Notes (connected to your Google Workspace Docs) directly in your Bates Google Workspace Calendar without having to separately share the Meeting Notes with your guests or manually creating a Meeting Notes document.
Moderated Google Workspace Group messages are automatically deleted after 14 days and messages marked as SPAM are automatically deleted after 7 days.
The Assignment activity provides a dropbox space into which students can submit work for instructors to collect, grade, and give feedback. The Assignment activity will allow students to submit files such as spreadsheets, Word documents, images, audio, and video clips, among others. They can also type directly into a text field for a written assignment or submit both text and attached files. Students can submit work individually or as a member of a group.
Instructors have the ability to embed videos into their Lyceum course using the 'Page' option. The most popular videos used are from YouTube, which will give you multiple different options to 'Share' these videos.
Instructors have the ability to add a new participant to their Lyceum Course that is not populated automatically. This can be another faculty member, an academic administrative assistant (AAA), a teaching assistant (TA), a grader or someone who is auditing the course.
Instructors have the ability to make their course hidden from student view and then visible again on their own time.
Instructions for clearing your Internet browser cache for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
This will fix the issue when printing a PDF through Acrobat on a Mac.
We all use email every day for work, school, and to stay in touch with our peers, professors, colleagues, friends, and family. Since so many people worldwide depend on email, it has become one of the primary attack methods used by cyber attackers. This attack method is called phishing. Learn what phishing is and how to spot and stop these attacks, regardless of whether you are at work, school, or home.
Student instructions for connecting to the PaperCat Printers.
Steps for connecting and installing the PaperCat Printers for Faculty and Staff.
Adding the PaperCat Printer to a Mac Computer.