How do I print to the PaperCat Printers from my Mac computer?


When you change your network password, you will need to update this password in your Mac Keychain Access, or you will not be able to print.

If you are connected to the Bates Open SSID WiFi, you will not be able to access or print to the PaperCat Printers, you must be connected to the Bates Secure SSID.

Step 1:

Print your document as you normally would to any other printer from your software application.

From your Printing Dialogue window, select the papercat (or the new name you created) Printer.

Click on the Print button.


Step 2: First Time Authentication (Login)

The first time you print, a prompt will appear asking for your Bates Username and Password.

(Note: These are the same credentials you would use to login to your Bates Gmail account. These credentials are not your computer username and password).

Username: Your Bates Username.

Password: Your Bates Gmail/Network Password.

Click the Remember this password in my keychain checkbox.

Click on the OK button.


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