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As a First-Year Student at Bates, all the information you need to know about Technology @ Bates. Setting up the PaperCat Printer, Printer Locations, Registering your Smart Device, and Gaming Console...

Hardware/Office Moves, Change Requests, New to Bates, Printing, File Saving.

How to connect your device to the Bates Network, including gaming devices and guest access. Access and Authentication, Password/PIN Resets…

Answers to Bates Specific G Suite Questions (Gmail, Calendar, Groups, Drive), Course Lists…

Experiencing a Problem with Bates Supported Software, Installing Printers, Accessing Departmental Storage, Banner, Garnet Gateway…

The content for this section is currently being developed. We hope to have it available soon.

Setting up Voicemail, Setting Up Call Forwarding, Video and Audio Conferencing, Cell Phones, Visiting Other Countries/International.

Classroom Technology, Zoom Conference Room, Classroom Capture, Where to do something?, Connections for Projection…

Learn to be a Cyber aware Bobcat, and do your part to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Everything you need to know about printing at Bates, including Student, Faculty, and Staff printing.

Tutorials for using the Lyceum learning management system

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I forgot my Garnet Gateway User ID. How do I retrieve it?

Instructions on how to retrieve your Garnet Gateway User ID.

Real Time Computer Utilization in Public Computer Labs

If you are interested in seeing how busy a computer lab is, click on the link for that lab, and it will show you which computers are free/busy.

What are the standard software applications installed on my office computer?

List of standard software applications installed on office computers.