Install the Papercat Printer for a Windows Computer

 Note: You must be connected to Bates Secure to print to the papercat printers.

Step 1: 

  • Click in the Type here to search box, and type in \\papercat
  • Click on the Best match, \\papercat (Run command)

Step 2 (Skip this step if you are installing the PaperCat Printer on a Bates Computer): 

  • Enter your Bates username in the following format: bcis\username
  • Enter your Bates password.
  • Save your username and password for future printing. Just tick the Remember my credentials box.

Step 3: 

  • Double-click on the papercat printer to install the printer.

  • The papercat printer will now install.

  • After installing the papercat printer, you may see a list of pending print jobs in the queue. This indicates the printer has been successfully installed, and your computer is now ready to print.

Article Reviewed, Updated, and Approved by the IT Service Desk - October 2023

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