Where do I Find the PaperCat Printers?


Where do I find the PaperCat Printers?


  •  Commons, RM 110 (Fireside Lounge)
  • Coram Library, RM 110
    • Black & White Printing
  • Hedge Hall, RM G18
    • Color Printing
  • Chase Hall, Lobby (Building Currently Out of Service)
    • Black & White Printing
  • Ladd Library, First Floor (Help Desk Area)*
    • Black & White Printing (4 Printers)
    • Color Printing (1 Printer)

*The PaperCat Printers and Release Stations located in Ladd Library (First Floor, IT Help Desk Area) are the central on-campus print and release area.

This area is staffed and supported by the IT Help Desk.

  • Pettengill Hall, RM 227
    • Black & White Printing
  • Pettengill Hall, RM 329
    • Black & White Printing
  • Pettigrew Hall, RM 121
    • Color Printing
  • Roger Williams Hall, RM 105
    • Black & White Printing


The PaperCat Printers are the college‚Äôs public printers accessible to students, faculty, and staff. The PaperCat Printers utilize Follow Me Printing and Release Printing technology, powered by PaperCut. This technology allows you to print from any computer connected to the Bates Network (WiFi connected computers must be connected to the Bates Secure SSID) and release from any PaperCat Release Station



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