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There are many features on your office telephone that you may not realize existed. Many of these features can make you an office telephone wizard and increase your efficiency in using your office telephone.

Transfer a Telephone Call –
Transfer a telephone call from your office extension to another office extension.

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial the destination extension number over the beeps
    • When the individual picks up, you may speak with them to announce the transfer. The individual being transferred will be placed on hold and will not hear your conversation.
  • Hang up your telephone to complete the transfer

If the individual at the dialed extension does not answer, press the Flash button on your telephone again to return to the caller or hang up, and the caller will go to voicemail.

If the individual at the dialed destination does not wish to take the telephone call, you will reconnect with the caller when the dialed destination hangs up.

To return to the caller if you reach voicemail instead of a person, press “**” on your telephone keypad to disconnect from voicemail and automatically reconnect to the caller.

Warm Transfer – A warm transfer occurs when a telephone call is transferred to another individual and the telephone call is announced. Example: “Hi Mary, I’m transferring Paul to you from accounting. He would like to speak with you about next year's budget.”

Cold Transfer – A cold transfer occurs when the individual transferring the telephone call completes the transfer by hanging up the telephone without any announcement.

Placing a Telephone Call On Hold –

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial “#9” over the beeps
  • Lay the handset down
    • Do Not Hang Up

Note: DO NOT place the handset in the cradle or you will disconnect the caller.

To Place a Telephone Call On Hold and Consult with Another Individual:

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial “#9” over the beeps
  • Dial the extension of the other individual you would like to consult

To Alternate Between Telephone Calls:

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial “#9” over the beeps
  • Resume your conversation

To Return to a Telephone Call On Hold:

  • Hang up
  • Your phone will ring
  • When you lift the handset, you will be reconnected

Automatic Callback –
If you dial an on-campus extension and receive a busy signal, you can have a telephone call automatically placed to that individual when their extension becomes available.

To Activate, After Calling and Receiving a Busy Signal:

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial “*5” over the beeps
  • Hang up
  • When that extension becomes available, your telephone will ring with three short rings
  • Lift the handset and wait for the other individual to answer

To Cancel:

  • Lift the handset
  • Listen for a dial tone
  • Dial “#5
  • Hang up

Note: Callbacks remain active for 30 minutes only!

Last Number Redial –
To retry a busy number when calling an off-campus telephone number.

  • Dial the off-campus telephone number
  • If you receive a busy signal
    • Hang up
    • Wait a few seconds
  • Lift the handset
  • Listen for a dial tone
  • Dial “*9” to redial the number

Three-Way Telephone Call –
To add a third individual to your active telephone call.

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone
  • Dial the other individual
    • When the other individual answers, press the Flash button on your telephone
  • All three parties will now be connected

To Drop One Individual:

  • Have that individual hang up, and the remaining two individuals can continue to converse so long as one individual is on an on-campus telephone

Call Park –
Parking a telephone call allows you to place a telephone call on hold and retrieve it from a different telephone.

To Activate:

  • Press the Flash button on your telephone and Dial “*8” over the beeps
  • Hang up

To Retrieve From the Same Phone:

  • Lift the handset
  • Listen for a dial tone
  • Dial “#8
  • Resume your conversation

To Retrieve From a Different Phone:

  • Lift the handset
  • Listen for a dial tone
  • Dial “#8,” then the extension number of the phone where the telephone call was parked
  • Resume your conversation
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