Access Voicemail from the Web

To access Bates VoiceMail Manager, with your web browser of choice, just browse to and log in with your mailbox number (telephone extension) and security code (same security code you use when accessing voicemail from your telephone).

Once logged in to Bates VoiceMail Manager, You Can –

  • Manage your Inbox and Messages
  • Configure your Voicemail Settings
  • Setup Message Notifications
  • Change your Greetings
  • Enable/Disable your Out-of-Office Greeting
  • Change your Security Code
  • Plus Much More!!

Enabling Your Out-of-Office Greeting:

  • In the left menu bar, click on the Personal Setting link
  • Under the Recordings tab, locate the Enable Greeting section
  • Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Enable Out-of-Office Greeting
  • Click on the Save button (upper left of the Recordings window/tab)

Tip: Create an All Day Event on your Bates G Suite Calendar to remind you to disable your Out-of-Office Greeting for when you return.

Changing Your Message Playback Settings:
This setting will only change how messages are played back to you through the Bates VoiceMail Manager interface. This setting will not change any playback settings when accessing your voicemail from a telephone.

  • In the left menu bar, click on the VoiceMail Manager Settings link
  • Under the Playback tab, locate the Telephone Settings section
    • In the Telephone Number box, enter your four digit extension
    • Under the Playback Settingschoose TelephoneStreaming Media, or Download
      • Telephone – When listening to a message, your office extension will be called and the message will be played through your telephone handset or speakerphone
      • Streaming Media – If your web browser is compatible, you will be able to listen to your messages directly from your computer speakers
      • Download – Your voicemail message will be downloaded to your computer in a .WAV audio format
  • Click on the Save button (upper left of the Playback window/tab)

Note: In order to listen to the voicemail messages you have downloaded, you will need compatible software on your computer that can playback .WAV audio files.

Receiving an Email or Text Message Notification for New Voicemail Messages:

  • In the left menu bar, click on the Notification Settings link
  • Under the E-mail tab, update the following settings:
    • Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Enable Short Message Service (SMS)
    • From the drop-down menu for SMS Provider, select SMTP Notification
  • In the Options section
    • Select your Notify Status (All is recommended)
    • Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to Include Voice Msgs for Message Types
  • In the Time section
    • Choose your notification Hours and Days
  • In the Contact Details section
    • Leave Mobile Phone Number blank
    • In the E-Mail Addresstype in the email address(s) of where you want to receive your notification
      • To add additional email addresses, separate each email address with a “,” (comma)
    • To have a notification sent to your mobile phone, use the following email address
      • Verizon –
      • AT&T –
  • Click on the Save button (upper left of the E-mail window/tab)

When you are done accessing Bates VoiceMail Manager, don’t forget to Logout (upper right side of the Bates VoiceMail Manager window).

Tip: To access your Bates Voicemail from a mobile phone or off-campus telephone, dial (207) 777-6789then follow the prompts.

Tip: To access your Bates Voicemail from another on-campus telephone, dial 6789, at the prompt to Please Enter You Security Codepress “*” (asterick), then follow the prompts.

*Bates VoiceMail Manager is not compatible with mobile devices.

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