How do I prepare for a computer replacement

The following guide has been prepared to assist you in planning for the delivery of a new computer. Any of the steps you can complete beforehand will ensure a smooth transition with the delivery, setup, and data migration of your new computer.

Plan to spend approximately 1-2 hours with a member of the IT Help Desk Team on your scheduled delivery day. Since there may be times when your Bates username and password will be required or if we have questions, we will need you to be present during that period.

1. Preparing for Your Replacement Computer -

Files, Data, and Documents:
As part of the setup process, your files and data from your old computer will be transferred to your new computer. To help minimize missed or lost files, please have your files saved in the following locations:

Microsoft Windows Computers:

  • Desktop
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Documents

Mac OS Computers:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Pictures

Note: If you have files or data that are saved in other locations besides the locations listed above, please let us know during the delivery process so we can insure they are properly migrated to your new computer.
Personal Files: We are not responsible for backing up or recovering any of your personal files, pictures, or music that are saved on your Bates issued computer. 

Specialized/Additional Software:
As part of our standard office computer deployment, your computer will arrive with our standard installation of software. If you require additional or specialized software be installed, please provide us with a list of that software.

  • If you use a laptop and require VPN access, please include that on your list of additional software required.
  • If you use software that is unique to youthe software you have purchased independently, or software you have downloadedplease let us know and have the installation files available at the time of delivery and setup of your new computer.
  • If you use any specialized institutional or administrative software such as Banner, Hyperion/Argos, Bates Document Management, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, FileMaker, Remote Connectivity, etc. please include those on your list of additional software.

Browser Bookmarks:
Please let us know if you have any web browser Bookmarks/Favorites you will need to have transferred to your new computer, and which web browser you use. If you use Google Chrome, please login to your browser and synchronize your bookmarks

Provide us with a list of printers that you utilize, and you will need to be reinstalled on your new computer.

Other Hardware & Ergonomic Equipment:
Provide us with a list of additional or specialized hardware, including ergonomic equipment connected to your existing computer and would like to have it installed on your new computer. 

  • Other Hardware may Include:
    • Ergonomic Equipment, Stands, and Desk Lifts
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse/Trackball
    • Scanner
    • Printer
    • Specialized Hardware

2. Preparing for Your Replacement Computer Delivery -

Once your newly delivered computer has been verified, and your files and applications have been properly restored, your old computer will be removed from your office and recycled appropriately. Your hard drive will be removed and stored in a secure location for three months and then will be destroyed. Once your hard drive has been destroyed, the data that existed on the hard drive is no longer recoverable.

Verification Process:
Once your computer has been delivered, installed, and your files have been transferred to your new computer. The delivery technician will perform a verification process with you to ensure a successful deployment.

  • Successful Login
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Network Connectivity to Network/Departmental File Shares
  • Successful Printing
  • Installation of Additional/Specialized Software
  • Reboot and Login

3. Post Installation Follow-Up -
Once your computer has been delivered, setup, and verified, please contact the IT Help Desk with any follow-up issues or questions. Please do not contact the member of the IT Help Desk Team who delivered and setup your computer directly.


Replacement Computer Pre-Delivery and Setup Checklist
Please feel free to use the following checklist to assist you with preparing for your new computer delivery.

_____  Organization of Files, Data, and Documents

_____  List of Specialized/Additional Software

_____  List of Unique, Individually Purchased Software Utilized

_____  List of Specialized Institutional or Administrative Software Utilized

_____  Browser Bookmarks

_____  List of Printers

_____  List of Other Hardware & Ergonomic Equipment

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