Equipment Provided to Employees

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Information and Library Services is budgeted to provide the following equipment to employees when requested by their supervisor. 

1 - 14" PC Laptop. The laptop has 16 GB RAM, 256 GB hard drive and includes a power brick for travel. ILS does not provide Macintosh computers to staff. 

1 - 22" Monitor. This monitor acts as docking stations, providing ethernet, video, power and USB controls connectivity to the computer. 

1 - Keyboard and Mouse

Any requests for equipment that exceeds the standards listed above (i.e. larger hard drive, more RAM, extra monitor) will be charged to the requesting department.

In the rare case that a Macintosh computer is required for a staff member's work, approval should be obtained from the Vice President of ILS. If approval is granted, the requesting department will pay all costs over the budgeted amount of the standard equipment. 

For the full policy regarding computing equipment please see:

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