Delegated Account


A delegated account is an email account that operates like a regular individual's account, and has a similar email address. This account type is different from a Group, as emails sent to it are not distributed to everyone that has access, and emails sent from the account, show the name of the delegated account. 


If requesting a new account, please include the name of the account, and who should have access. If requesting access to an existing account, that request has to come from someone who already has access. 


Faculty, Staff, Students

Service Request

Click Request Service in the top right of this screen to request an account be created or to add a person. 

Service Delivery

Requests for delegated accounts will be taken care of within 2 business days. After the account is created, or access granted it may take up to another 24 hours for it to appear in your email. 

Request Service


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Mon 7/12/21 11:36 AM
Mon 9/13/21 3:37 PM