How do I release my document from a PaperCat Printer?


There are several options available you have available for releasing your document(s) from a PaperCat Printer.  

Step 1: Tap and Go

Locate a PaperCat Printer

With your Bates IDtap the area with the QR Code/Card Reader

On the PaperCat Printer Display (PaperCut MF)tap the document(s) you wish to release

Tap Print

Tap the [-> button located on the top-right corner of the screen to logout

Step 2:  Mobile Print Release

Locate a PaperCat Printer

Using your SmartPhone scan the QR Code on the printer (You can use any QR Code Scanning App, such as the Google Chrome App)

Login with your Bates Username and Password

Tap and Select the PaperCat Printer

Tap to select the documents you wish to release

Tap the Release button



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