What do I need to know about Passwords at Bates?

Password Security:

It is critical that all members of the Bates Community keep their passwords secure and confidentialYou should never share any of your Bates passwords with friends, family or staff membersNo one from Information and Library Services (ILS) will ever ask you for any of your passwords in person, over the phone, or via email. If you feel your passwords may have been compromised, please change it or request a new one as soon as possible!

Password/PIN Management and Expiration:

Your Email/Network password expires 12 months after it has been issued or changed. When a password is within 30 days of expiration a series of automated e-mail messages will be sent to notify you that it is time to change the password. If you miss the expiration deadline, you will be automatically locked out of your email and network accounts until the password is changed. You will be able to login to Password Manager with your expired password for up to a month after the expiration date.

The email warning messages will stop as soon as you change the password using the Password Manager. The following is a sample of the email message you will be receiving from our password management system:

For verification purposes the reminder message appears as the following.<Your Name>
Your Bates network password is scheduled to expire on <Date> @ <Time>
Please use the Password Manager to change your password.

  1. To get to the Password Manager, go to the Bates College home page at http://www.bates.edu and scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the “A-Z Index”.
  2. In the “P” section, click on Password Manager.
  3. Login with your current email/network username and password.
  4. Select the Change Password option along the top menu.

For questions or problems please contact the IT Service Desk at (207) 786-8222.

Your Garnet Gateway PIN expires 365 days after it has been changed. When your PIN expires, you will be prompted to change it when you attempt to login to the Garnet Gateway.

Types of Passwords:

  • Email/Network – This Password is issued to all Bates Students, Faculty, and Staff, and is used to log on to computer, email, and to access network services. This password expires every 365 days.  If you have forgotten your password please see the instructions for the Sponsored Password Change Process.
  • Garnet Gateway – This PIN is issued to all Bates Students, Faculty, and Staff. The login for the Garnet Gateway is comprised of your User ID/Bates ID number and a PIN. If you need help accessing your Garnet Gateway account, please contact the IT Help Desk. This PIN is not necessarily the same as your email/network password.
  • Banner – Banner credentials are issued to authorized users only and are the same as your Bates Email/Network Password.
  • Guest Accounts – Bates employees can request guest credentials for visitors and affiliates by contacting the Bates College IT Help Desk.


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