How do I obtain a copy of Microsoft Office that is available for Students, Faculty, and Staff?

Bates provides access to many software titles in support of teaching, learning, research, and the administration of the college. While our licenses for most applications are limited to use on Bates-owned machines, a few licenses allow installation on personal machines for faculty, staff, and students.

  • Q1:  Can I use another email address when I sign up for the service?
    • A1:  No, you must use your Bates username, appended by: and your Bates password.
  • Q2:  What happens if I leave Bates?
    • A2: If you leave Bates and no longer have a Bates email address, then you must purchase a license from Microsoft to continue using the products.
  • Q3:  What happens if I don’t purchase a license?
    • A3:  Any software you’ve installed enters what’s called “Reduced Functionality Mode”.  You can view and print your files but cannot edit existing files or create new ones.
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