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Catapult Web Hosting

Information about the Catapult web hosting service.

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Configuring Duo for the first time

Instructions on setting up Duo two factor authentication for the first time.

Connecting to the Virtual Desktop to Access Computer Lab Software

Through the use of the MyVPN Web Service (, individuals may remotely access Bates Computer Lab Software that otherwise may not readily be available.

Google Workspace Forms Permission Error

When attempting to access a Google Workspace Form, you receive a You Need Permission message.

How do I access Adobe Sign and login?

Access and Login to Adobe Sign.

How do I clear my web browser cache?

Instructions for clearing your Internet browser cache for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I update my SmartPhone or Device in my Bates Duo Multi-Factor Authentication account?

How to add a new SmartPhone or Device to your Duo Multi-Factor Authentication account.

IT Service Desk Text Messaging Service

Signing up for the IT Service Desk Test Messaging Service.

Make it a Zoom Meeting Button is missing from Google Workspace Calendar

How to recover the Make it a Zoom Meeting button in Google Workspace Calendar

Software Available on Public Computer Labs (Windows)

A list of software, updated for AY 2021-2022

Students, Faculty, and Staff Access to Microsoft Office for Free

Obtaining Microsoft Office for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

What software is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for Free or at an Educational Discount?

Listing of academic software available to Students, Faculty, & Staff.

When signing in to the Bates VPN, I'm prompted for a Secondary Password. What should I do?

Sign In instructions for using Duo Multi-Factor Authentication with the Pulse Secure VPN.