What are the WiFi (SSID) Networks available on campus?


What are the WiFi (SSID) Networks available on campus and which one should I use?


Bates College offers 3 Wireless (WiFi) networks options for individuals to choose from when on campus.

Bates Secure – Bates Secure is the primary WiFi SSID for Bates Faculty, Staff, and Students and offers full WPA2 encryption.

Bates Open – Bates Open is the WiFi connectivity available for guests of the college. Bates Open is also used for connecting gaming consoles, Apple TVs, Smart Devices, etc. 

Eduroam – Bates Faculty, Staff, and Students visiting institutions in the US and around the world will be able to connect to the eduroam service at participating schools using their Bates College network credentials.  In turn, visitors to Bates from participating schools will be able to access the internet here with the credentials provided by their home institutions.  





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