New Meeting RSVP Options in Google Workspace Calendar

When scheduling an event/meeting, guests may respond with their attendance status as Yes, No, or Maybe. There are now two new guest response options that are available with a Yes response. You may now choose Yes, in a meeting room, or Yes, joining virtually. As a meeting organizer, you will see your guest selections on your meeting guest list.

Meeting Guest

Step 1:

Launch your Bates Google Workspace Calendar from within a web browser (Recommended: Google Chrome) and login.

Step 2:

As a meeting guest, when you receive a meeting invitation, click on the meeting in your Google Workspace Calendar to open the event card.

Step 3:

Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the Yes response to choose your attendance option.

Meeting Organizer

As the meeting organizer, you can view how guests will be attending your meeting by viewing your guest list by double-clicking on your meeting.



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Tue 9/14/21 1:11 PM
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