What is the preferred way to insert graphics/images into a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation?

When using Microsoft PowerPoint, there are several ways to add a graphic/image to your Microsoft PowerPoint slide

  • Copy & Paste
  • Insert Image (Preferred)

Graphics/Images that are added to a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide through the Copy & Paste function may cause problems with image compression, clarity, and image file size. Images that are Inserted into a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide are optimized properly and will also be successfully presented when switching from a Mac to Windows and vice-versa. 

To Insert a Graphic/Image to a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide - 

  • Click the Insert tab from the ribbon
  • Click on Picture
  • Click on Picture From File...
  • Browse to where your graphics/images are stored and click on them in the file browser to select them
  • Click the Insert button


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