Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Wolfram|Alpha Pro lets you do more with Wolfram|Alpha. Upload your own data and images for analysis, get customized and interactive visuals for presentations, download data, get more computation time, access optimized web apps… and support the long-term development of Wolfram|Alpha as a resource for the world.



  • Faculty, Staff, and Students are eligible to use products on-campus or on a personal computer.
  • The license agreement supports the use of products in instruction and academic research.
  • Your license is renewed annually and is only available to active Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Wolfram|Alpha Pro:

Licensing Access:

  • Go to https://www.wolframalpha.com/ and select Sign In (upper right-hand corner).
  • Type in your Bates Email Address (username@bates.edu) and select the option to sign in with your Bates Username and Password.
    • ​​Note: The first time you sign in using your Bates Username and Password, you will be prompted to link it to your Wolfram ID.

If you have additional questions regarding access or licensing, contact our Wolfram Representative - Andy Dorsett, at adorsett@wolfram.com.

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