Add or Update your Duo Account with a Replacement Phone

 Note: This Knowledge Base Article is for the New Duo Prompt. Use this Knowledge Base Article for the Old Duo Prompt.


When adding or updating a phone or another device to your Bates Duo account, you will need to access your Duo Account settings. The steps below will guide you through the process of accessing those settings from the New Duo Prompt.

If you have your previous phone or device available, you have several options to access your Duo Account settings:

  • Send Me a Push - Select this option if your phone or device can connect to cellular or WiFi and receive a push notification.
  • Call Me - Choose this option if your old or new phone or device can receive calls.
  • Enter a Passcode - Utilize this option if you have your previous phone or device with the Duo Mobile App installed.

Tip: It is recommended to perform the steps below from your computer. You will need to scan a QR Code as part of the process.

Step 1: Access the New Duo Prompt (Performed from your Computer)

Tip: You may need to access the New Duo Prompt by opening a web browser incognito window (Google Chrome) or private session (Safari) and then sign in to your Bates Gmail account to trigger the New Duo Prompt to pop up.

  • Access your Duo Account settings by accessing the New Duo Prompt (See Tip Above).
  • Click the Other options link once you are at the New Duo Prompt. 
    • If you receive a Duo Push, you may safely ignore it.

Step 2: Other Options to Log In (Performed from your Computer)

  • Click on Manage devices.

Step 3: Verify Your Identity Before Managing Devices (Performed from your Computer)

  • Click on the option you can still access to verify your identity.
    • If your phone number hasn't changed and you have the Call Me option set up, you can use the Phone call option to authenticate. 

  • Click on the Call phone button.

Step 4: Call Your Phone (Performed from your Computer)

  • From your phone or device, answer the phone call, and follow the steps from the caller.

  • When you have successfully authenticated, you will receive the following Success! message.

Step 5: I Have a New Phone (Performed from your Computer)

  • Click on the I have a new phone link.

Step 6: Let's Setup Your Phone (Performed from your Computer)

Click on the Get started button.

Step 7: Download Duo Mobile (Performed from your Computer & Phone/Device)

 Note: If you do not have the Duo Mobile App installed on your phone or device, you will be prompted to download it now before proceeding from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • After downloading and installing the Duo Mobile App, click on the Next button to continue.

Step 8: Setup the Duo Mobile App  (Performed from your Phone/Device)

  • Open the Duo Mobile App.
  • Click on the Continue button.

  • Click on the Use QR Code button.

Step 9: Scan the QR Code (Performed from your Phone/Device)

  • Scan the QR Code displayed on your computer using the Duo Mobile App.

Step 10: Added Duo Mobile (Performed from your Computer)

  • Click on the Continue button.

Step 11: Back to Login (Performed from your Computer)

  • Close your browser window.

Step 12: Test Duo Mobile (Performed from your Phone/Device)

  • Test your Duo Mobile setup by signing in to your Bates Email.



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