Usernames, User IDs, Passwords, and PINs!

In order to access the Garnet GatewayBates Google Workspace Account (Bates Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts, Google Drive, and Google Docs), WiFiLyceumLibrary ResourcesComputer Lab Computers, and many other online resources you will need a set of login credentials. There are two sets of credentials you will be using while you are at Bates.

Garnet Gateway User ID and PIN:

  • The first set of credentials you will receive will be a User ID and PIN that will provide you access to the Garnet Gateway. This set of credentials can only be used to log in the Garnet Gateway and will not work to access other online or network resources such as your Bates Gmail or WiFi.
    • Your User ID is your 9 digit Bates ID number. Once you log into the Garnet Gateway for the first time, you will be required to create a PIN. This PIN will need to be between 6 and 8 characters or 10 and 15 characters (do not use 9 characters) and must contain at least one number. Your PIN can also be all numbers if you find that easier to remember. When creating or changing your PIN, there will be additional rules required for creating a secure PIN. These will be displayed on the Change PIN window in the Garnet Gateway.
    • When you log into the Garnet Gateway for the first time, you will also be prompted to select a Security Question and provide an AnswerThe answer to your security question will need to be longer than 6 characters. You will want to remember the answer to your security question because if you ever forget your PIN, you will be able to use the Forgot PIN option on the Garnet Gateway to reset your PIN.
  • Once you have successfully accessed the Garnet Gateway with your new PIN, you will want to obtain your Bates username, email address, and network password.

Bates Username, Email Address, and Network Password:

IT Tech Tip: The easiest way to access the Garnet Gateway and your Bates Gmail Account is from The Quad. The Quad is a great starting point to access frequently used links and online services.


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