Hardware and Software

Laptop and Desktop computers, Printing, Mobile Devices, Keyboards, Mice, Software and more.

Services (15)

Dining Support

This service is for dining to report problems with their hardware or software systems.

Employee Departure Support

Service to ask for support in preparing for an employee departure.

Hardware Add/Move/Change

Use this service to request that computers, monitors or other technology equipment gets moved.

Hardware and/or Peripherals Request

ILS is the central point for purchasing all hardware for the College. ILS provides employees with a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and docking station. Requests for extra equipment will be paid for by departmental or grant funds.

Hardware Problem

Support for hardware problems with computers.

Loaner Computer

It loans computers to faculty and staff when they are working on repairing that person's college issued computer. In special circumstances loaners can be made available for other purposes, and to students.

Microsoft Office - Personal Use

This service allows you to request Microsoft Office for personal use.

New Employee

Request equipment and access for new employees

Operating System - Macintosh

Use this form to enter a ticket to report a problem with the Macintosh operating system.

Operating System - Windows

Use this form to report problems with general Windows operating system issues.

Personal Device Support

IT provides very limited services for personally owned devices. IT will not repair hardware on a personal device or install new operating systems. It is highly recommended that personal devices be serviced by the company they were purchased from. We will help install college printers, get devices on the college network and advise on how to install college licensed software, if it can be installed on a personal device.

Software Purchase

This service allows clients to request ILS to purchase software that is not already licensed.

Software Support

Support for college owned and ILS supported software.

Zoom Support

Ask questions about how to use zoom, or how to access Zoom advanced features.