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Zoom Phone Resources

The following is a curated list of resources to get you started with using Zoom Phone. Zoom Phone Support - Everything Zoom Phone! Zoom Phone System Support Quick Start Guide - Just

Welcome to Zoom Phone Training

The following is a list of various Zoom Phone training opportunities, including scheduled hands-on workshops, Zoom webinars, previously recorded Zoom webinars, self-paced resources, and users guides

Zoom Phone Informational Webinar Q&A

The following questions were asked during the Q&A portion of the Preparing for Zoom Phone Informational Webinar held on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. If you missed the webinar, the webinar recording is

Setting Up your Zoom Holiday Hours

Notes: Setting up your Zoom Holiday Hours is similar to adding a Vacation Responder in your Bates Gmail account, where you set up a start and end date and your away greeting/message. Step 1

How do I Sign In to my Zoom Account?

When joining a Bates Zoom Meeting or Bates Zoom Webinar, the Zoom Host may require you to sign in/authenticate to your Zoom account to join the Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar. Step 1: Launch

Zoom Phone (Fall 2022 Semester, September/October)

The following is a list of various Zoom Phone training opportunities, including scheduled hands-on workshops, Zoom webinars, self-paced resources, and user guides. Zoom Phone Q&A Webinar - Ask

What type of headset should I get to use with Zoom Phone?

zoom ... recommend. We either have tested them in our day-to-day interactions with the Zoom Unified Communications Suite, or we have reviewed their specifications, features, quality, cost, and comfort to provide you

Make it a Zoom Meeting Button is missing from Google Workspace Calendar

How to recover the Make it a Zoom Meeting button in Google Workspace Calendar ... If the Make it a Zoom Meeting button is no longer available when scheduling a Zoom Meeting through your Google Workspace Calendar - Click on your web browser's refresh button while on your Google Workspace Calendar.

How do I update my Zoom Client for Meetings to the Current Version? (macOS and Microsoft Windows)

Step 1: Updating the Zoom Client for Meetings when prompted (macOS and Microsoft Windows) When an update for the Zoom Client for Meetings is available, you will receive a message at the top of

Software Installed on Office Computers

The following software is installed by default on all office computers.   AdminByRequest Adobe Creative Cloud Google Chrome Google Drive MS Office Global Protect (campus VPN) PuTTY Sophos AntiVirus Zoom

What are the standard software applications installed on my office computer?

Player (comes with Windows) Microsoft Print to PDF (comes with Windows) Media Player Classic PuTTY (SSH/telnet/rlogin TTY/terminal client) Sophos AntiVirus Zoom Mac Computers: macOS

Software Available on Public Computer Labs (Windows)

LyX Mathematica Matlab MikTEK Mnova MS Office NVivo Putty Python R R Studio SigmaPlot SPSS Stata Stella Professional TeXstudio VLC Zoom Zotero

Software available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for Free or at an Educational Discount?

, websites, emails and documents Wolfram Alpha Pro  Wolfram Mathematica Software for Technical Computing for R&D and Education  Zoom Video Conferencing Platform Video and Web