Tutorials for using the Lyceum learning management system

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Adding a participant to your Lyceum course

Instructors have the ability to add a new participant to their Lyceum Course that is not populated automatically. This can be another faculty member, an academic administrative assistant (AAA), a teaching assistant (TA), a grader or someone who is auditing the course.

Adding a video to your Lyceum course

Instructors have the ability to embed videos into their Lyceum course using the 'Page' option. The most popular videos used are from YouTube, which will give you multiple different options to 'Share' these videos.

How Do I Create an Assignment in Lyceum?

The Assignment activity provides a dropbox space into which students can submit work for instructors to collect, grade, and give feedback. The Assignment activity will allow students to submit files such as spreadsheets, Word documents, images, audio, and video clips, among others. They can also type directly into a text field for a written assignment or submit both text and attached files. Students can submit work individually or as a member of a group.

How Do I Make My Lyceum Course Visible or Hidden to Students?

Instructors have the ability to make their course hidden from student view and then visible again on their own time.